Check In

From 08:00-17:00 Mon-Sun your host will be at the suites to guide you through the check in process. When you arrive at the Suites please come in. Your host will be waiting for you and will help you to check in and show you to your room.

Self Check In After Hours

How to use the Sunny Suites one time checkin code for self check in outside of our regular business hours.

1. If you have made and confirmed a reservations we will give you a one time code for our electronic door locks.

2. You need to swipe the key panel on the door lock to bring up the back lit number pad.

3. Enter the one time code that we have given you. After entering the number press * (star)

4. The door will open. Please enter the room, your electronic key cards will be left in plain view for you. After this step, only the electronic key codes will open the door. Please be careful because the one time key code will expire and you will no longer be able to use this to open the door.

5. We will contact you at the soonest possible time in order to fill out the checkin form and get a photocopy of your passport.

If you have any problems with checkin or the one time key code please contact one of our staff at or at one of the contact phone numbers we have provided.

Self Check In

For self checking please read the instructions to the left and watch the video below. If you have to self checkin after hours we will provide you with a code which can be used to allow yourself into the room. We will meet you during regular checkin hours the next day to officially process your check in.

Your Host

your sunny suites host
+66 93 227 6447

+66 93 227 6447

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